July is International Zine Month

Repeat and memorise.

Yes, sirree it is.

To celebrate, I will be taking part in the 24 hour zine thing, a challenge in which you create a zine, from scratch and in its entirety, within 24 hours. So, if all goes to plan, Angry Violist issue 5.5 will be ready on 2nd July 2012. Watch this space…

If you have always wanted to make a zine, this challenge is an ideal place to start. It requires no special knowledge or skills, just yer brain and a bit of time and creativity. No preparation is required, really, beyond assembling supplies that you’ll need. You can even choose whichever 24 hours are convenient for you and you can sign up at the 24 Hour Zine Thing site to meet likeminded zinesters.

I don’t even have a printer for my laptop at the moment, so instead I’ll be keeping it old school with hand rendered lettering, lettrasets, dymo printed tape and – my trusty zinemaking steed – the typewriter. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Sign up yourself and give it a go: http://24hourzines.com/

Find out more about International Zine Month: http://internationalzinemonth.wordpress.com/

Random stuff

It’s a blog clich√© to say things like “sorry I haven’t posted for a while”, but sincerely, it’s been busy. Recently, I have been:

  • Working on a proposal for an Angry Violist-based radio show… and trying to figure out if I have the cojones to talk and speak and be eloquent on live radio
  • Trying to cope with winter and having shingles (the worst is behind me, at least where shingles is concerned)
  • Writing articles for issue six of Angry Violist — issue 6! Why, it feels like just yesterday that I was assembling issue #1 without the aid of a printer but instead going at it ‘old school’ with pritt stick, letraset, scissors and the library photocopier. Happy days. Anyway, issue #6 will have articles about string instruments from around the world; the science of musical scales; stagefright; the sad, constant pursuit of new music.
  • Basking in the warm glow that comes from reading a particularly nice review. I don’t make money from my zine, it takes ages to write and research. It’s a labour of love for sure, and I sometimes wonder why I do it, then I read a review or an email from a stranger who likes what I do and suddenly everythings okay again.
  • Playing the mandolin – which people used to call ‘the poor man’s fiddle’.
  • Coping with the horror and faux-traditional bullshit that is ‘Christmas’. Seriously, folks, if you aren’t religious or convinced that ‘it’s great for kids’, why put yourself through it. Just say no.
  • Researching the meaning of waking up with a song in my head every single morning.¬† I am sure it is some kind of syndrome. I wake up with a song lodged in my head every single day: this morning it was the Smiths How soon is now? which is a good day; but frequently I wake up to dross like Lionel Richie or Rick Astley. A poor start to the day, I’m sure you’ll agree.

That’s about all. I’ve revamped my Etsy shop so feel free to purchase at will!

I’ll leave you with the sound of inside of my head this morning:

Issue five — work in progress

The flats I’m working on for issue 5. This issue is gonna clock in at a (relatively) enormous 36 A5 pages – “large letter” stamps ahoy!