Music from issue #3

I should have done this ages ago, but here are links to some of the music mentioned in issue three of Angry Violist. Play them individually or all at once: number-one-good-fun-times!

A tribute to Robert Kirby

Nick Drake’s Fruit Tree

Hazey Jane 1 from ‘Bryter Layter’ (1970)

Northern Sky, Nick Drake with John Cale

Timothy Brock, Dr Caligari and the Bravura String Quartet

And the Wikipedia list of films out of copyright

Morton Feldman’s The Viola in My Life

The Hampton String Quartet
More info can be found at the Mona Lisa Sound website and heard:

the Hardanger fiddle – Swedish folk fiddle music

Best heard on the Fargo soundtrack:

Issue Threeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Angry Violist #3

Angry Violist #3 with lurid pink cover

Hello there

Has been a long time a-coming, but issue three is now done and dusted, and being sent to the printers in the next few weeks.

Contents include:

  • make your own pick-up
  • string-arrangers, we love you! Looking at the work of Robert Kirby (Nick Drake), Timothy Brock (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) and Carter Burwell (Fargo)
  • Subharmonics: the crazy anomaly of physics which lets you play an octave lower than your lowest string
  • Rock’n’roll string quartet: interview with Richard Maximoff of the Hampton String Quartet
  • Scandinavian folk fiddle playing
  • Improvising for cowards

Issues will be on my etsy shop before long, but I would rather swap/trade. Email me if you are interested.

Or write to:
angry violist
PO Box 738
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Angry Violist number three … soon

It has taken a while, but it is nearly there . ┬áIt’s something of a string arranger special will contain:

  • an interview with Hampton String Quartet violist Richard Maximoff
  • the secret world of Subharmonics
  • Scandinavian folk fiddle playing
  • Composers and arrangers galore: Robert Kirby (Nick Drake), Carter Burwell (Fargo), and Timothy Brock (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari)
  • How to make your own pick-up
  • Some other stuff…