New issue: Angry Violist 5.5

Hello. I have made a zine in 24 hours in honour of International Zine Month 2012.

The zine was thought-up, written, typeset, copied and assembled entirely within a 24 hour period. Since I don’t have a printer, the zine was made using typewriter and letraset transfers.

And, oh yeah, none of it is edited.

The mini-issue contains writing about:

  • Understanding our hierarchy of music, sound and noise
  • Plugging in and going electric after being an acoustic musician for years
  • I ❤ Michael Karoli, violinist for Can
  • When music and psychology collide: Stendhal syndrome and the White Christmas experiment
  • Vulnerability and creativity: about insecurity as a musician. (I keep wanting to refer to this article and the subject matter of this article as “music therapy”, but that is something entirely different. It’s really about the psychological pitfalls of being a musician. Performance psychology, I suppose.)

Every cover is different

You can buy it from my Etsy shop or, my preferred method of transaction, by emailing me about some kind of swap/trade.
This issue of the zine is A6 (quarter size) and is 20 pages long, b&w and staple-bound. The back is hand-library-stamped and the cover has hand-drawn spirographs.

I made this zine in 24 hours: there are a LOT of typos, please don’t judge me.

July is International Zine Month

Repeat and memorise.

Yes, sirree it is.

To celebrate, I will be taking part in the 24 hour zine thing, a challenge in which you create a zine, from scratch and in its entirety, within 24 hours. So, if all goes to plan, Angry Violist issue 5.5 will be ready on 2nd July 2012. Watch this space…

If you have always wanted to make a zine, this challenge is an ideal place to start. It requires no special knowledge or skills, just yer brain and a bit of time and creativity. No preparation is required, really, beyond assembling supplies that you’ll need. You can even choose whichever 24 hours are convenient for you and you can sign up at the 24 Hour Zine Thing site to meet likeminded zinesters.

I don’t even have a printer for my laptop at the moment, so instead I’ll be keeping it old school with hand rendered lettering, lettrasets, dymo printed tape and – my trusty zinemaking steed – the typewriter. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Sign up yourself and give it a go:

Find out more about International Zine Month: