Angry Violist stockists in the UK

I’ve been trying to get my zine spread far and wide on this island nation of ours, in small press dealerships, galleries and, well, anywhere that’ll have me.

I love, love, love shops full of rare, artist-made goods and things. Wish there was one in my town …. hmmmm, now there’s a thought ….

Well, anyway, here are the fruits of my efforts – I can’t recommend these awesome, innovative places highly enough:

Caribou Caravan, Hopkinson’s Gallery, Nottingham, and on the road
CARIBOU is was a shop in a mini 1957 Glen caravan selling handmade crafts, zines, jewellery, art and upcycled vintage pieces.

Editions of You, Oxford and online
EDITIONS OF YOU stock a collection of UK and international musical releases from independent musicians and small labels with an emphasis on handmade products and innovative design. along with books and zines with a musical or sonic connection.

The Good Press Gallery, Glasgow

GOOD PRESS GALLERY was formed in October 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland, and presents visual art, contemporary illustration, self & independantly published zines, books and other printed matter.

Vampire Sushi Distro, online
You can get my other zine, Hedgehog in the Fog, from this super-awesome zine distro, run by the lovely Miss Tukru.

Please support your local zine sellers and artworkers: buy handmade printed goods frequently and abundantly!

If you run a shop or distro and would like to stock any of my zines, please do get in touch – I would love to hear from you!

All images (c) Caribou, Editions of You, Good Press, Vampire Sushi.