the Music in Angry Violist issue 4

This is a bit belated, but anyway: here’s youtube clips to illustrate all the music I mentioned in Issue 4 of the zine.

from the interview with Vicki Aspinall of The Raincoats
Fairytale in the Supermarket, The Raincoats (1979)

from the Krautstringsampler
The Birth of liquid plejades, Tangerine Dream (1972)

Aumgn, Can (1971)

Requiem für einen wicht, Hölderlin (1971)

She came through the chimney, Amon Düül (1970)

Folk versus punk article
American folk versus European folk: how Irish folk ditty Shule Aroon became the American folk song Johnny has gone for a soldier
Shule Aroon:
Johnny has gone for a soldier:

See also, “My country, tis of thee” which is the American version of the British national anthem, “God save the queen”. I’ve not posted links here because they are both unspeakably awful. Here’s the Sex Pistols version of reappropriating God save the queen (1977) instead:

About being a messy musician
Ron Asheton, the anti-Steve Vai, playing on the Stooges’ Dirt (1970)

Venus in Furs, Velvet Underground (1967)

Chinese White, Incredible String band (1967)

**Dirt sounds incredible against the Tangerine Dream track – play them both at once!

Could it be – yes – no – yes? YES: it’s Angry Violist, Issue 4

The Angry Violist has all growed up and gone from A6 size to A5 sized (i.e. it is now half sized, all you Americanos, or 21×14.7cm to all you very precise people) and is 24 pages long including covers.

It contains 6815 words and costs £1.50

On the inside:

— an interview with Raincoats violinist, Vicki Aspinall
— a guide to string playing in Krautrock
— the amazing Krautrock Krautmap (as mentioned in this post)
— an appreciation of violists
— punk versus folk: which four letter word will win? A look at the similarities between the genres
— how to make your playing sound grubby and super-scuzzy

If you would like to stock, trade or buy this zine – email me at for details.

Music from issue #3

I should have done this ages ago, but here are links to some of the music mentioned in issue three of Angry Violist. Play them individually or all at once: number-one-good-fun-times!

A tribute to Robert Kirby

Nick Drake’s Fruit Tree

Hazey Jane 1 from ‘Bryter Layter’ (1970)

Northern Sky, Nick Drake with John Cale

Timothy Brock, Dr Caligari and the Bravura String Quartet

And the Wikipedia list of films out of copyright

Morton Feldman’s The Viola in My Life

The Hampton String Quartet
More info can be found at the Mona Lisa Sound website and heard:

the Hardanger fiddle – Swedish folk fiddle music

Best heard on the Fargo soundtrack: