Angry Violist number three … soon

It has taken a while, but it is nearly there .  It’s something of a string arranger special will contain:

  • an interview with Hampton String Quartet violist Richard Maximoff
  • the secret world of Subharmonics
  • Scandinavian folk fiddle playing
  • Composers and arrangers galore: Robert Kirby (Nick Drake), Carter Burwell (Fargo), and Timothy Brock (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari)
  • How to make your own pick-up
  • Some other stuff…

Angry Violist – issue #2

Angry Violist issue 2 coverIn this issue:
  • It’s a Viola, actually: how to befriend your local violist
  • Drones! Drones!! Drones!!!
  • Violin playing for idiots and the lazy – a DIY guide
  • Diabolus in musica and other freaky musical phenomena
  • Fluxus String Playing
  • The wonderous, amazing Harry Partch

24 pages, 1/2 A5 size. Made out of paper and black ink.  Hand bound with silk thread, hand stamped and numbered.

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Angry Violist #2 at Etsy!

Angry Violist – issue #1

Angry Violist issue 1 coverIn this issue:

  • All-stars and Heroes – anti- and alternative violinists in history
  • Your bow, your friend: a guide for violinists or guitar-playing bow owners
  • Belle-moche, punk rock and YOU
  • Transylvanian viola folk music
  • Learning the violin = evil? Struggling to find your sound against all odds
  • the amazing sounds of bowed electric guitars – a DIY guide

16 pages, 1/2 A5 size. Made out of paper and black and white and staples.

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Angry Violist #1 at Etsy!