How to beat blankpage-itus


Strategies and emergency approaches for when your brain won’t co-operate and when the blank page mocks you:

  • write about how you can’t write and how much you suck
  • resituate yourself elsewhere and start afresh: a library, a park, a coffeeshop, a long unnecessary train journey
  • try something new: if you always write at a computer, try using pen and paper. Use new materials, reinvent yourself in a new genre or with a new medium
  • abandon rationaility: write and draw fragments, snippets, half-ideas, anything
  • Steal an idea as your startpoint
  • Remember what inspired you in the first place: that record, book, zine, drawing. Go back to it and ask it for help
  • Say FUCK IT and do something else

Take courage, friend. Good luck.

(This was originally printed in the Alternative Press Fair zine in a day.)