What’s in the zine?


  • Getting over notions of ‘being good enough’
  • What happened when Joshua Bell, world class violinist, went busking in the Tube
  • Viola FAQ: everything you’ve always wanted to know about violas
  • Interview with Warren Ellis, musician in Dirty Three, Grinderman and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
  • The politics of calling yourself a musician: who has the right? what does it mean?
  • Heroes and all-stars from the world of far-out, left-field string playing

#5.5 – International zine month special 24 hr issue

  • Understanding our hierarchy of music, sound and noise
  • Plugging in and going electric after being an acoustic musician for years
  • I ❤ Michael Karoli, violinist for Can
  • When music and psychology collide: Stendhal syndrome; the White Christmas experiment
  • Vulnerability and creativity: about insecurity as a musician. (I keep wanting to refer to this article and the subject matter of this article as “music therapy”, but that is something entirely different. It’s really about the psychological pitfalls of being a musician. Performance psychology, I suppose.)


  • Punk rock viola outreach: a self-help guide for when you are musically lost, alone and have no-one to turn to
  • Is experimental string playing the new rock’n’roll/punk rock? A brief history of alarming classical music
  • The noise rainbow
  • Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra
  • Graphic scores and psychology
  • Sports psychology for musicians
  • Heroes and all-stars of string-playing
  • RIP Billy Bang

Angry Violist #4 cover


*an interview with Raincoats violinist, Vicki Aspinall
*a guide to string playing in Krautrock
*the amazing Krautrock Krautmap
*an appreciation of violists
*punk versus folk: which four letter word will win? A look at the similarities between the genres
*how to make your playing sound grubby and super-scuzzy

Angry Violist 3#3:

* How to make your own pick-up
* String-arrangers, we love you! Looking at the work of Robert Kirby (Nick Drake), Timothy Brock (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari) and Carter Burwell (Fargo)
* Subharmonics: the crazy anomaly of physics which lets you play an octave lower than your lowest string
* Rock’n’roll string quartet: interview with Richard Maximoff of the Hampton String Quartet
* Scandinavian folk fiddle playing
* Improvising for cowards

Angry Violist #2#2:

* It’s a viola, actually: how to befriend your friendly, local violist
* Drones! Drones!! Drones!!!
* Violin playing for idiots and for the lazy (a DIY guide)
* Diabolus in musica and other freaky musical phenomena
* Fluxus String Playing and Charlotte Moorman
* the Amazing Harry Partch

Angry Violist #1#1:

* All-stars and Heroes: anti- and alternative violinists in history
* Your bow, your friend: a guide to violinists or guitar-playing bow owners
* Belle-moche, punk-rock and YOU
* Transylvanian viola folk music
* Learning the violin=evil? Struggling to find your sound against all odds
* the amazing sounds of bowed electric guitars

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