Cheaper zines

I’ve reduced the prices on my zines in Etsy which you can purchase from here: ETSY

If you want to get my zines but cannae afford them or whatever, get in touch with me for trades/swapsies. Let’s be good little punks: reject money, embrace trade, etc…

Sorry, North American and EU folks, the Royal Mail continues to shaft zinesters and zine lovers with high postal prices. Eurgh.

Thanks to all you folks who have bought my zines recently. In 2013, I shall mostly be cracking on with writing issue 7 and looking into reprinting issues 1–3 as a bumper zine of some kind.

Angry Violist mailing list

Hello everyone

I’ve entered the 21st century and have set up a mailing list for Angry Violist-related updates. By which I mean, sign up and when I release a new issue you’ll get a little email from me to tell you about it.

You can sign up by clicking below:

Also, I have updated my Etsy store with a bumper fun bag of issues 4, 5, 5.5, 6 and a badge all together in one neat, sexy package:
Angry Violist Etsy store