Angry Violist at Wysing Arts Festival

Hello campers

This Saturday I was happy to be part of the Bad Timing stall at this year’s Wysing SPACE-TIME festival of art and music.

Bad Timing is a Cambridge-based gig promoter focusing on “experimental, electronic, noise, lofi, radiophonics, diy, weird pop, randomness. experiments and inventions from the underground” and I was pleased as punch to be counted amongst their number.

Our stall showcased DIY and handmade screenprints, badges, vinyl and tapes from deep in the Cambridgeshire underground. Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello.

In other news, I am deeeeeelighted to say that I will be tabling at this year’s Leeds Zine Fair on 4th November 2012. I can’t wait!

July is International Zine Month

Repeat and memorise.

Yes, sirree it is.

To celebrate, I will be taking part in the 24 hour zine thing, a challenge in which you create a zine, from scratch and in its entirety, within 24 hours. So, if all goes to plan, Angry Violist issue 5.5 will be ready on 2nd July 2012. Watch this space…

If you have always wanted to make a zine, this challenge is an ideal place to start. It requires no special knowledge or skills, just yer brain and a bit of time and creativity. No preparation is required, really, beyond assembling supplies that you’ll need. You can even choose whichever 24 hours are convenient for you and you can sign up at the 24 Hour Zine Thing site to meet likeminded zinesters.

I don’t even have a printer for my laptop at the moment, so instead I’ll be keeping it old school with hand rendered lettering, lettrasets, dymo printed tape and – my trusty zinemaking steed – the typewriter. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Sign up yourself and give it a go:

Find out more about International Zine Month:

Angry Violist #6 at the Alternative Press Fair, August 4th 2012, London


I am pleased to say that I will be selling Angry Violist numero 61 at the 2nd International Alternative Press Fair in London on 4th August 2012. I’ll be there tabling with other members of the Cambridge Zine Boogaloo consortium selling magazines, zines, stash tins, stickers and other swag of pure awesomeness.

Come by, say hello, bring us coffee!

1I don’t know the Italian for “six”, can you tell?