the music in issue five of Angry Violist zine

Is experimental string playing the new rock’n’roll?
Tongue in cheek ad for Schoenburg’s twelve tone composition, a.k.a. “the second Viennese school”:

The music video of the ‘Cage against the machine’ campaign to get celebrity-drenched recording of 4″33 to number one:

Revolution Number 9, The Beatles, 1968 — I love that string motif at 00:31

Hymnen, Stockhausen, 1966/67

The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky, 1913

The Noise Rainbow
White noise

Pink noise

Brown noise

Corenelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra
The Great Learning, Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra, 1968-70 (this recording in 1981)

Treatise, Cornelius Cardew, 1963-67 (this recording/interpretaition in 2009)

Star-spangled banner, Jimi Hendrix, 1969

Heroes and all-stars of string playing
Tony Conrad & Faust, from Outside of the Dream Syndicate, 1972

Polly Bradfield, Solo Improvisations for Violin, 1979
Listen/read about it here

the Music in Angry Violist issue 4

This is a bit belated, but anyway: here’s youtube clips to illustrate all the music I mentioned in Issue 4 of the zine.

from the interview with Vicki Aspinall of The Raincoats
Fairytale in the Supermarket, The Raincoats (1979)

from the Krautstringsampler
The Birth of liquid plejades, Tangerine Dream (1972)

Aumgn, Can (1971)

Requiem für einen wicht, Hölderlin (1971)

She came through the chimney, Amon Düül (1970)

Folk versus punk article
American folk versus European folk: how Irish folk ditty Shule Aroon became the American folk song Johnny has gone for a soldier
Shule Aroon:
Johnny has gone for a soldier:

See also, “My country, tis of thee” which is the American version of the British national anthem, “God save the queen”. I’ve not posted links here because they are both unspeakably awful. Here’s the Sex Pistols version of reappropriating God save the queen (1977) instead:

About being a messy musician
Ron Asheton, the anti-Steve Vai, playing on the Stooges’ Dirt (1970)

Venus in Furs, Velvet Underground (1967)

Chinese White, Incredible String band (1967)

**Dirt sounds incredible against the Tangerine Dream track – play them both at once!

Those Krautrock string players in full – a directory

So for issue 4 of Angry Violist I wrote a piece about the prominence of string players in Krautrock music. As something as a follow-up, I thought it might be useful to catalogue those kosmische violinists, violists and cellists properly and put it ont web for all to see. I’m sure there are many more Krautrock string players than are listed below. So here you go:

By instrument
By band

Alphabetical list of Krautrock string players

Brune, Hans- Joachim – cellist, Tangerine Dream
Conrad, Tony – violinist, Faust collaborator {an honourable mention}
Czukay, Holger – double bassist, Can
Eötuös, Ann-Yi – violinist , Hölderlin
Hoffman, Edgar – violinist, Embryo
Karoli, Michael – violinist, Can
Karrer, Chris – violinist, Amon Düül I/Amon Düül II
Liebezert, Jahi – double bassist, Can
Lucke, Johannes – cellist, Tangerine Dream
Noppeney, Christoph– violinist and violist, Hölderlin
Schneider-Esleben, Florian – violinist, Kraftwerk
Schnitzler, Conrad – violinist, Cluster/Tangerine Dream/Eruption/Harmonia
Schulze, Klaus – cellist, Tangerine Dream/Cosmic Jokers/Eruption/Ash Ra Temple
Trepte, Uli – double bassist, Guru Guru
Vallbract, Christian – cellist, Tangerine Dream
von Grumbhow, Joachum – cellist, Tangerine Dream/Hölderlin

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By instrument

Conrad, Tony – Faust collaborator
Eötuös, Ann-Yi – Hölderlin
Hoffman, Edgar – Embryo
Karoli, Michael – Can
Karrer, Chris – Amon Düül I, Amon Düül II
Lucke, Johannes – Tangerine Dream
Noppeney, Christoph – Hölderlin
Schneider-Esleben, Florian – Kraftwerk
Schnitzler, Conrad – Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Eruption, Harmonia

Noppeney, Christoph – Hölderlin

Brune, Hans Joachim – Tangerine Dream
Schulze, Klaus –Tangerine Dream, Cosmic Jokers, Eruption, Ash Ra Temple
Vallbract, Christian –Tangerine Dream
von Grumbhow, Joachum –Tangerine Dream, Hölderlin

Double Bassists:
Czukay, Holger – Can
Liebezert, Jahi – Can
Trepte, Uli – Guru Guru

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Embryo, string playing in the nip (which seemed to happen a lot in the early 70s)

By band

Amon Düül I
Karrer, Chris – violinist [also Amon Düül II]

Amon Düül II
Karrer, Chris – violinist [also Amon Düül I]

Ash Ra Temple
Schulze, Klaus – cellist [also Tangerine Dream, Cosmic Jokers, Eruption]

Czukay, Holger – double bassist
Karoli, Michael – violinist
Liebezert, Jahi – double bassist

Schnitzler, Conrad – violinist [also Tangerine Dream, Eruption, Harmonia]

Cosmic Jokers
Schulze, Klaus – cellist [also Tangerine Dream, Eruption, Ash Ra Temple]

Hoffman, Edgar – violinist

Schnitzler, Conrad – violinist [also Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia]
Schulze, Klaus – cellist [also Tangerine Dream, Cosmic Jokers, Ash Ra Temple]

Conrad, Tony – violinist

Guru Guru
Trepte, Uli – double bassist

Schnitzler, Conrad – violinist [also in Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Eruption)

Eötuös, Ann-Yi – violinist
Noppeney, Christoph – violinist and violist
von Grumbhow, Joachum – cellist [also in Tangerine Dream]

Schneider-Esleben, Florian – violinist

Tangerine Dream
Brune, Hans Joachim – cellist
Lucke, Johannes – cellist
Schnitzler, Conrad – violinist [also in Cluster, Eruption, Harmonia]
Schulze, Klaus – cellist [also in Cosmic Jokers, Eruption, Ash Ra Temple]
Vallbract, Christian – cellist
von Grumbhow, Joachim – cellist [also in Hölderlin]

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Okay now, enough Krautrock and onwards to Issue 5…