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A zine about experimental string-playing for repressed, frustrated punk classical musicians and bizarre music-lovers everywhere!

Zine buying for non-Etsy people

all the zinesIf you fancy getting ahold of some of my zines (perhaps as the least romantic Valentine’s Day present ever?) but don’t fancy signing up to use Etsy to get them, you can do it via paypal or cheque . Here’s me price list for UK people:

* Issues 4, 5 or 6 = £2 + £1
* Issue 5.5 = £1 + 75p

Or you can buy all of them for £7.50 inc postage.

Send payment via paypal to angry.violist [at] gmail.com … or email me at that address to arrange to pay by cheque (£ only).

Issue 7 will be ready mid-March and Issues 1–3 will be reprinted sometime later this year as a bumper fun zine. Sign up to my mailing list if you’d like to know when they are available.

Cheaper zines

I’ve reduced the prices on my zines in Etsy which you can purchase from here: ETSY

If you want to get my zines but cannae afford them or whatever, get in touch with me for trades/swapsies. Let’s be good little punks: reject money, embrace trade, etc…

Sorry, North American and EU folks, the Royal Mail continues to shaft zinesters and zine lovers with high postal prices. Eurgh.

Thanks to all you folks who have bought my zines recently. In 2013, I shall mostly be cracking on with writing issue 7 and looking into reprinting issues 1–3 as a bumper zine of some kind.

How to beat blankpage-itus


Strategies and emergency approaches for when your brain won’t co-operate and when the blank page mocks you:

  • write about how you can’t write and how much you suck
  • resituate yourself elsewhere and start afresh: a library, a park, a coffeeshop, a long unnecessary train journey
  • try something new: if you always write at a computer, try using pen and paper. Use new materials, reinvent yourself in a new genre or with a new medium
  • abandon rationaility: write and draw fragments, snippets, half-ideas, anything
  • Steal an idea as your startpoint
  • Remember what inspired you in the first place: that record, book, zine, drawing. Go back to it and ask it for help
  • Say FUCK IT and do something else

Take courage, friend. Good luck.

(This was originally printed in the Alternative Press Fair zine in a day.)