Hey, violist, what’s new?

1/8 size, 8 pages long: All About Zines zine, made for the Cambridge Creative Fair -- the glowy yellow blob is a tuppence

Yes, it’s been a while.

I’ve been super-super busy of late doing the following things:

  • Starting a zine night in my town of Cambridge — sign up to the mailing list or visit us on the scary/baffling world of Tumblr.
  • Doing research and having meetings for a secret-mystery project involving a string quartet and a crazy/brilliant idea.
  • Writing a zine about debt called Into the Red, which might be ready in time for debt season (a.k.a. Christmas). But then again, I might chicken out of ever publishing it at all.
  • Preparing to table at my first ever fair next week with the talented Nick from Not Your Problem. More about that later.
  • Writing a mini-zine called All about zines which is, erm, all about zines and probably contains less text than this here blog entry. But it is very informative. And there’s a picture of a space-rocket in it! I made it to celebrate the Cambridge Creative Fair.
  • Polishing off Issue 5 of Angry Violist. It should be ready for the inaugural Camden Zine Fest on 8th October. FACT.
  • Writing letters & going on epic bike-rides.
  • Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Having a life outside of zine-making and writing. Or trying to. I have a full-time job too: leading a secret double life can be quite draining and stressful sometimes.

Well, here’s my new little zine, made for the Cambridge Creative Fair next Saturday. It’s 1/8th size, 8 pages, printed on blue paper with a purple cardstock cover and embroidery silk binding.

4 thoughts on “Hey, violist, what’s new?

  1. I am super, super excited about your new zines, especially into the red, which I am basically dying to read so I you want a commission, invoice me! Don’t chicken out.
    Love your zine boogaloo poster. I live in the wrong Oxbridge town. boo.

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