Good things have happened this week!

* I’ve a secret project upcoming which involves converting an old cigarette machine. Let me know if you have a spare one lying about, won’t you?

* Made some new friends/collaborators in the guide of the good folk at Ultra Horse Zines in Nottingham who “turn scribbles, sketches and doodles into high art and humorous asides”. Can’t argue with that.

* Have signed up to take part the amazing, Oxford-based DIY music and zine festival/exhibition Editions of You, taking place at the O3 gallery from 26th March to 24th April. Are the organisers Roxy Music fans, do you think? Well, anyway, the exhibition and fair is dedicated to celebrating DIY music-making, special edition packaging and publishing and since my zine falls into several of those categories, I feel like I have found a spiritual home of sorts.

* Got some great reviews in the righteous, inimitable and brilliant Lights Go Out zine.

* Posted out some orders. Finally. And got around to reprinting. And did the cover art for issue 4.

* I found out what space sounds like – it sounds GOOD

* Bought my train tickets to go to the London Zine Symposium next month, wherein there is Bereavement Tape Zine giving a workshop on how to make your own Atari Punk Synth, which I am very excited about. I am more acoustic than electric, musically speaking, but am looking forward to the possibilities that open up if someone teaches me how to solder my own electronic instruments.

* Got a CD from South African noiseniks Sticky Antlers in exchange for a zine. Trading stuff for other stuff is the greatest. Angry Violist 1, Consumerism 0.


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