Angry Violist updates

Hey there

I don’t know about you, but these long cold winter months hit hard. I’ve spent most of 2011 so far sitting indoors, drinking tea and watching movies. However, the fog of winter is finally lifting in the creative, zine-related part of my brain, and Angry Violist #4 is nearing completion.

There are two things to note about Angry Violist #4:
1) I have an interview with a musician I have long admired and which I am very excited about (and grateful to her for taking the time to do)
2) There will be a fold-out Krautrock family tree, as part of an article about the influence and brilliance of Kosmische musik string players. The final version will look somewhat neater, I hope, than this:
Krautrock family tree

1 thought on “Angry Violist updates

  1. Nice handmade tree stuff! I love family trees and have made some myself with my personal prog rock guru David. Thanks for the new issue, by the way. I’ll comment further later…

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