The music mentioned in Issue #1

I’ve had quite a few folks remarking that an online version of the zine would be awesome, so that they can listen to the music I talk abut whilst they read.

They are right. But I am very committed to paper and glue and staples: an online zine makes me feel a little bit sad. So I hope this post is a kind of happy medium.

The Music:

Transylvanian folk viola playing – it’s very folk, if you know what I mean:

Some (insanely pompous and overblown) bowed guitar courtesy of Led Zeppelin:

Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three, this track is called Indian Love Song:

Genesis P. Orridge of Throbbing Gristle, playing Weeping:

Do I need to tell you about John Cale?

And it appears that YouTube et al have passed the Fugs by, but you can listen to the sultry charms of The Garden is Open here

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